2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount intercooler kit


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Finally a affordable Civic kit. Depo Racing Civic Intercooler kit for all 2016+ Turbo 1.5 including the Si. This  is a direct bolt-on replacement intercooler designed to drastically increase intake air cooling capability and horsepower over the smaller stock intercooler. With a few supporting Mods and a tune these civics make great power.

  • Pressure tested to 40 psi
  • 100 % more internal flow space than stock 
  • Reduce Intake Temps 40 degrees 
  • 24 x 6.5 x 3.5 inch core
  • 2.5″ ID in / outlet
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • Bar and Plate Core
  • Factory Mounting points
  • Hot and Cold pipes included
  • includes ” larger diameter pipes and couplers then other brands like  PRL
  • includes T bolts clamps not weak worm clamps that boost leak.
  • Meth Bung

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kit includes:

(1) 24″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ Bar and Plate intercooler

(1) Hot side pipe wrinkle black

(1) cold side pipe wrinkle black

(4) custom 4 ply silicone couplers

(8) High clamping force T-Bolt Clamps



 Depo Racing intercoolers have always had a price point that may leave some scratching there heads. I buy Direct from the manufacturer, I ship them using ocean freight,  no middle man.  Then  I only sell direct to the customer , no dealer commission of 20%. I dont build intercoolers to be cheap knock offs, Depo is on the fasted pump gas Evo X in the world and the Fasted Ford Focus ST/RS in the world. I have the fin density and material dialed in thats why they perform as good or better then the highest price units for all vehicles I sell for. I wont treat you like a newb and make claims of 7-9 hp over stock, all gains and mods are bogus until you get a proper tune on the car. Get the mods you can afford and then get a pro tune to bring out the power. Besides being small and not cooling as well, the stock intercooler and pipes just dont flow the rate of air needed to make the big gains from a tune. Thats really where this  intercooler shines, when you increase boost and hold it in the higher rev range, your now flowing 2x-5x more air then before, the stock intercooler and pipes just cant handle it. Good Luck and enjoy. 


1 review for 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount intercooler kit

  1. Sean Fleet (verified owner)

    Very well made and simple install. This intercooler improved my quarter mile time by over half a second and kept my power consistent. Thank you for the good product!

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