2017 2018 2019 Can-Am X3 Turbo Intercooler


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2017-2019 Can-Am X3 Turbo, X3 X DS Turbo R, X3 X RS Turbo R 2 | 4 Door, RC
Deporacing.us has been selling performance intercoolers for the turbo market for over 15 years. We have set world track records with a few of our sponsored cars. We carried that expertise over to these radical Can-Am turbo off-road UTV’s. Just like with Turbo automobiles like the WRX and Evo’s  the OEM intercoolers are under sized and leave no room for adding Horsepower and staying cool over a long ride. They suffer from whats called heat soak. The hot air sops the power. With this intercooler you will cool and flow more air and have consistent power.

– Huge 12” x 11” x 4” Bar and Plate Core

– Cast tank ends
– Rolled pipe ends
– Aluminum Bar and plate Construction

– Mounting Hardware Included
– Pressure checked at 45 psi
– 100%+ more flow space than stock
– One piece Welded construction does not leak like OEM plastic Endtanks

My name is Justin Vaughn Just wanted to give you the bright side of things as people don’t usually spread good news but are quick to spread bad. My 15 focus st went 10.78 @ 130.1mph with the “beast” fmic and your charge pipes. Thanks for the products and figured I’d let you know. You can search my stuff online. My intercooler even says beaST on the front. Thanks.

Justin Vaughn”

  Depo Racing intercoolers have always had a price point that may leave some scratching there heads. I buy Direct from the manufacturer no middle man,  I only sell direct to the customer , no dealer commission of 20%. I dont build intercoolers to be cheap knock offs or alternatives. I build them to be as good or better than the best made, my sponsored cars hold world records with the Evo X and Focus ST /RS.

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