2019+ Veloster N / Kona N – 4″ Downpipe with Flex Section Hi Flow Cat


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Remove the bottleneck that is the OEM Cat and big HP awaits. Not much more to say on that.  This pipe is not only the lowest cost on the market, its the best on the market. You will see the quality when you get it. I have always priced my parts at a fair price. Other manufacturers price on supply and demand. There are not many companies making Downpipes for the Veloster N , so they double charge for it.

– Fits 2019+ Veloster N / Kona N

a. 3.9″ to 3″ 304 Stainless Steel with CNC flanges

b. Comes with Flex Section

c. 100 Cell Hi Flow Metal Substrate -eliminates most gassy smell flows like a catless

d. Fits Aftermarket 3″ or stock Cat back

e. good for 600+ whp with 3″ Catback

e. Bolts up to stock or aftermarket exhaust

f.  Track / Off road use Only – Know your local laws before buying and installing

g. Available in Catless  version also

– See more at: deporacing.us

” My name is Justin Vaughn Just wanted to give you the bright side of things as people don’t usually spread good news but are quick to spread bad. My 15 focus st went 10.78 @ 130.1mph (Worlds Fastest) with the “beast” fmic and your charge pipes. Thanks for the products and figured I’d let you know. You can search my stuff online. My intercooler even says beaST on the front. Thanks.

Justin Vaughn”

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