2019+ Veloster N Intercooler Upgrade


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Depo Racing Intercoolers are on some of the Fastest Evo X, Focus ST / RS Turbo’s made. Now I have made a stout intercooler for the Veloster N. I’m not a big fan of added notch sections on intercoolers, we didn’t get the same flow in those sections during testing years ago on the N55. I went with a standard design,  Maxed out the front to rear depth to increase capacity even more..  At the moment I do not have the DCT Couplers so MT for now.


  •  28.5 x 5.5 x 6.25″ Bar and Plate Core
  •  Cast tank ends
    Rolled pipe ends
  • Manual ONLY – DCT coming late 2022
    Aluminum Bar and plate Construction
  •  Mounting Hardware Included
    Pressure checked at 45 psi
    110%+ more flow space than stock
    2.5″ inlet / 2.5″ outlet
  •   Bolt on Direct Fit
  • At Testing Ambient 59F – IAT 78-81F after 5 pulls

My name is Justin Vaughn Just wanted to give you the bright side of things as people don’t usually spread good news but are quick to spread bad. My 15 focus st went 10.78 @ 130.1mph with the “beast” fmic and your charge pipes. Thanks for the products and figured I’d let you know. You can search my stuff online. My intercooler even says beaST on the front. Thanks.

Justin Vaughn”

Intercooler STICKY:  Every new market I enter since my original intercooler for the Evo 8 its same questions, curiosity etc. If I set records on sponsored cars with one platform, the new platform has never heard of it. I normally never post hp gains because its all sales bs, they tweak the numbers this way or that, they count each mod on its own, no tune and don’t tell you that all 4 mods combined wont yield those results. Numbers will vary from place to place, Dyno to Dyno. Newbs typically ask for hp from every item, then your second turbo car you just buy what you need. I was a newb in 2003 with my first Evo 8 and asked the same thing, lol. From Evo’s to Focus ST to Veloster N they will all get similar mods (down pipes , intercooler, injectors etc.) and the key is a good custom tune to bring out that power. One thing in common is, we all like to beat down mustangs and now Chargers, lol. There are great intercooler brands out there, I don’t get to see them in person, but not many will out perform my Depo at any price. I have the fin density and fin composition dialed in, they transfer heat at peak efficiency, no over corrected colorful Dyno graphs needed. I make that bold claim from 15 years experience  in every market I enter. I don’t make friends, big brands and  fanboys knock me, no one likes to lose business.  I don’t sell through dealers, I’m a  small company ,you save.

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