Evo X 4.0″ Intercooler


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I designed this to compete with the best in the business like AMS, ETS  etc. and they have. The biggest misinformation  I have come across is the 3.5″ is better on the stock turbo then the 4″. That’s 100% wrong, not at all better, cools less, flows less. I used to make a 3.5″ the dyno gave it no benefits over the 4″, it doesn’t  help the radiator cool down from more air flow, it doesn’t spool faster, it just has less capacity. Unlike other turbo cars in comparison, the Evos trademark is huge turbo’s, they are large , they flow a lot of  air. The 4″ is the best option, stock  or upgraded turbo.

“MY 4.0 “INTERCOOLER is on the fastest pump gas EVO X in the WORLD ” member Darksun280 evoxforums.com [email protected] Darksun280


– 20″ x 12″ x 4.0″ Bar and Plate Core

– same great fit as the 3.5″  but the  4″ = more air flow , more air cooling
– Rolled pipe ends
– Aluminum Bar and plate Construction
– Bolt on – No cutting – fits stock piping
– Pressure checked at 45 psi
– 100% more flow space then stock
– 2.5″ inlet / 3.0″ outlet
– 800hp+

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