Evo X & Ralliart Hi Flow Cat


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Depo Racing Evo X HFC . In stock cars, the stock catalytic converter is the primary choking point to make power with a turbo. In order for the turbo to spool fast and compress the air for the engine, the exhaust needs to escape freely. If the exhaust stops flowing the turbo stops moving efficiently.

– 3″ Stainless Steel Hi-flow Cat, why go test pipe, this will give you all the flow but not the gas smell…great for the street and weekend track days, why go test pipe.

– 100 cell metal substrate Catalytic converter.

– good for 500+ whp

– Extended bung prevents Cels, Even pass inspection in some states

– Bolts up to stock or aftermarket exhaust -Perfect fit on Evo X and Ralliart

– Track / Off road use Only

-Vendor on evoxforums.com and member of evolutionm.net , buy proven, I have an Evo 10 and run a Depo intercooler and parts at the track

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