Evo X Upper intercooler pipe


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This upper pipe replaces the weak link in the intercooler piping. The rest of the piping is good for well over 400whp, which is a decent size turbo upgrade. As far as getting the most out of the stock turbo or even a small turbo upgrade, this is the pipe you want to change

1. Black Only

2. OEM quality aluminum piping (2mm thick) , the rest is thin and weak. I use 2.5″ OD light and strong, Advantage: it does not bend or crush like cheap aluminum pipes, YES it happens a lot because silicone couplers require t-bolt clamps to seal, t-bolt clamps exert a lot of force. I could use cheap aluminum like everyone else and save a few dollars but it will bend. T-Bolts not included, but found cheaply on ebay.

3. 2 – 4ply silicone couplers included 25.00 value

3. 4 TBolt Clamps

4. out flows stock unit creates faster spool

5. Replaces rubber hoses that expand and leak over time

6. Does not include elbow pipe on top of intercooler, Reason: the stock elbow is fine.

-Vendor on evoxforums.com and member of evolutionm.net , buy proven, I have an Evo 10 and run a Depo intercooler and parts at the track.


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